Equipment to Borrow



Three frame, manual honey extractor



Used to measure water content in honey

5gal bucket with honey gate

5 gal bucket w/honey gate & lid

Used to capture honey during extraction

uncapping roller

Uncapping roller

Used for uncapping cells for extraction

uncapping scratcher

Uncapping scratcher

Used for uncapping cells for extraction

metal strainer

Metal strainer

Double meshed strainer, used to strain honey during extraction

hot knife

Hot knife

Used for uncapping cells for extraction

hive carrier

Hive carrier

Used for moving hives



Taking friends or family into the hives? Get them covered.

honey bee knowledge poster

Honey Bee Knowledge poster

Good for presentations

honey bee life cycle poster

The Life Cycle of the Honey Bee Family poster

Good for presentations

native orchids pollinators poster

Native Orchids Need Their Pollinators poster

Good for presentations

cutaway box

Cutaway hive body w/educational frames

Good for presentations

honey flavor wheel

Honey flavor wheel

Used for honey tastings to evaluate the aroma and flavor of honey

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