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November 8, 2020

Winterizing your hives

This month, Chuck Jachens will be discussing “Winterizing your Hives." It’s been pretty pleasant weather up until now, but as the air turns colder, there are some important steps you can take to help your hives survive winter and give them a jump start in spring. Chuck will help answer your questions about what you should be doing with your hives.

Chuck is an active member of El Dorado Beekeepers and serves as one of our board members. He is also a top Bar beekeeper and will be leading a spring workshop on Top Bar hives.

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Mite wash alternatives for alcohol

Running low on alcohol for mite washes? Randy Oliver recommends using Dawn Ultra detergent. It works very well for mite washes and is on par with 91% isopropyl, better than 70% isopropyl, and much better than windshield fluid.

To use, dilute to 1-2 T per gallon of water. A weaker solution is less efficacious and there is no benefit to making it stronger. Allow the bees to soak in the solution for a full minute before agitation, by which time most of the mites will have dropped to the bottom of their own accord. Final agitation should be a swirl action, with no up and down shaking. Little agitation is required for basic mite monitoring.

Beekeeping questions?

For those members wanting some assistance, Bernie Ruiz is available for mentoring in the Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Rescue and Cameron Park areas. He can be reached by text at 916.719.6708. Folks with beekeeping questions can also post to our Facebook group.

Hungry Bees?

The club has pollen patties for sale, $3 each. For those in the Placerville area, contact John Havicon at 916.996.8371, or for the Cameron Park area, contact Bernie Ruiz at 916.719.6708.

Until we meet again, bee well!


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Is Beekeeping for You?

Learn what's involved in keeping bees. This one hour overview looks at the materials, cost and time commitment needed to keep bees.

Saturday, October 24, 2020, 6 pm

Bluestone Meadow Lavender Farm, 2025 Carson Rd, Placerville, CA

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