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Good News and Bad News

First the Good News:

We're having a spectacular Amazing Bee Market on Saturday, April 15 (weather permitting), from 2-4pm, at the beautiful Bluestone Meadow Lavender Farm, 2025 Carson Road, in Placerville. If you have bee-related things to sell, email [email protected] and we will get you information about when and where to set up.q2

And Now the Less-Good News:

Operator ID # now required to buy ALL Varroa miticides

California is now enforcing a law requiring proof of an Operator ID # to purchase ALL miticides like FormicPro, MAQS, Apiguard, HopGuard and Apivar, regardless of quantity. Mann Lake and Dadant won't sell to you without it. No fee is required to get the number. Act now!

Step 1
Call El Dorado County Department of Ag.

Step 2
Ask to speak to CJ Seado or Shae Thurber
Request Application

Step 3
Return application to CJ Seado or Shae Thurer
Make Appointment
The County is required to read information and review the process with you in person.

Call today. Don't let your mites go untreated!


A Reminder if you are in this year's Beginning Beekeeping class

Our Field Day is almost here: Saturday April 15, from Noon to 3pm, at the Bluestone Meadow Lavender Farm. Be sure to bring your veil and smoker! Look for an email reminder soon.  Check out the Bee Market after class!


Our Beginners With Bees class is coming soon.
Don't miss it!
beginners with bees 2023

This class is designed for first time beekeepers! We will be up to our elbows in the bees who live in our club apiary. Build your confidence for caring for your own new colonies. This is another class we do in small groups, and we only do this once a year. It's limited to 24 students, so sign up today!

Save the Date!

At our next monthly meeting, Sunday, April 16, we will have Jim Guilliams and Sandy Honigsberg, two of our Master Beekeepers, talk about Pests and Diseases in the hive - with a focus on Varroa.

2023 Hive registration reminder

To register, visit our Resources page and click on the "register your hives" button in the lefthand sidebar to register with BeeWhere, the statewide website for hive registration. This is a yearly requirement for all beekeepers, plus the fee has been waived for El Dorado County beekeepers. BeeWhere is a great resource, bringing beekeepers and pesticide applicators together to protect bees.

Questions about your bees? Try our Facebook group!

If you can't figure out what the heck's going on in that hive, ask our Facebook group, where club members post questions, answers, and many opinions. You can also post photos of your beekeeping successes!

Hungry Bees?

It's a good idea to have pollen patties on hand, so you have them when necessary. The club has pollen patties for sale, $4 each. Placerville area, contact John Havicon at 916.996.8371, or for the Cameron Park area, contact Bernie Ruzicka at 916.719.6708. They are also available at our club meetings.

Join us for our next meeting, Sunday, April 16, 4-6 at the Cameron Park Community Center, to  hear two of our Master Beekeepers talk about Pests and Diseases in the hives.

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