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This month a panel discussion on summer management.

Join us at our monthly meeting Sunday June 9th 4-6 pm.  

Cameron Park Community Center  |  2502 Country Club Lane  |  Cameron Park

Panel discussion of summer beekeeping topics.

Our speaker panel will consist of Keith Scott, Sarah Pavlick, Sivia Van Gundy and myself (Jim Guilliams).  We’ll cover the most important topics of the summer such as mite control, controlling robbing, harvesting honey, and recognizing the start of dearth.  We’ll cover any other questions you have about your colonies.  We’ve been watching our colonies joyfully build up and start putting honey in.  Some of the things we’ve been relaxed about, we now have start buckling down on.  Chief among those is treating our colonies for mites.  Bring your questions for discussion at our next monthly meeting June 9th.  We hope to see you there

Volunteers needed for the El Dorado County Fair!

We will have a booth at the El Dorado County Fair.  Greet Fair goers and introduce them to beekeeping and our club.  This is a good opportunity to let folks know that we are here, and what we do. We have many activities coming up that need volunteers Contact Teresa Davis [email protected] and help the club!

The last class for the season is Introduction to Queen Rearing

We will hold an introductory class for queen rearing on July 13th from 9-11am.  This class will introduce you to a single method of queen rearing (there are many).  Students will learn how to prepare an environment that supports the construction of queen cells.  Students will also learn how to graft appropriate aged larvae using a Chinese grafting tool.  The class will be held out at our apiary.  If your grafts are successful, you will have some queen cells to pick up when they are capped.  The limit for this class is 8 students.

Honey Extraction Workshop

Keith Scott will host a honey extraction workshop on July 20, from 10am-Noon. The workshop will be held at 3175 Sierrama Dr, Shingle Springs.  You will see and participate in the entire process of extracting honey.  For more information visit the sign-up page,

EDB apiary open days.

EDB Apiary 6699 Campus Drive Placerville CA

We are opening up the apiary and hives on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.  There is lots of activity in the club hives! Look for opening times on our Facebook page as the weather is still fairly variable.  Opening times are determined by the daily temperature forecast.  Bring your bee suit/jacket and your questions.  We are out there to help you.

Remember to register your hives!

To register, visit our Resources page and click on the "register your hives" button in the lefthand sidebar to register with BeeWhere, the statewide website for hive registration. This is a yearly requirement for all beekeepers, plus the fee has been waived for El Dorado County beekeepers. BeeWhere is a great resource, bringing beekeepers and pesticide applicators together to protect bees.

Operator ID number.

An Operator ID is required to purchase ALL Varroa miticides. California is enforcing a law requiring proof of an Operator ID # for all miticides like FormicPro, MAQS, Apiguard, HopGuard and Apivar, regardless of quantity. Mann Lake and Dadant won't sell to you without it. No fee is required to get the number.  An Operator ID must be renewed yearly, it expires December 31st each year.  Act now!

Step 1
Call El Dorado County Department Ag.

Step 2
Tell staff that you are a beekeeper applying for the first time or renewing whichever is applicable to you.

Step 3
Make appointment
The County is required to read information and review the process with you in person.

Call today. Don't let your mites go untreated!

Questions about your bees? Try our Facebook group!

If you can't figure out what the heck's going on in that hive, ask our Facebook group, where club members post questions, answers, and many opinions. You can also post photos of your beekeeping successes!

Hungry bees?

It's a good idea to have pollen patties on hand, so you have them when necessary. The club has pollen patties for sale, $4 each. Placerville area, contact John Havicon at 916.996.8371, or for the Cameron Park area, contact Bernie Ruzicka at 916.719.6708. They are also available at our club meetings.

Join us for the next meeting, Sunday, Jun 9th, 4-6 at Cameron Park Community Center, Social Room.

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