Swarm Removal

If you have a swarm on your property please do not have the bees destroyed! If you would like them removed, please contact a beekeeper from the list below, and have the following information ready before calling:

  • Address where swarm is located
  • How BIG is it? Softball? Basketball? Bigger?
  • How HIGH UP is it? Arms reach? Roof height? Top of tree?
  • Do you have a ladder that will reach them?
  • Is the swarm outside or inside?
  • How long has it been there?
Answers to these questions will help the beekeeper arrive with the right equipment. Photos that show cluster size and the immediate surrounding area are also helpful.

Please note: our beekeepers are not pest control professionals and will only remove honey bees. If the “bees” nest in the ground, they are not honey bees — they are most likely yellow jackets. See below for help with identification.
Bee vs Wasp
The El Dorado Beekeepers provide this swarm removal list as a public service. If you engage the service of a beekeeper from this list, please note you are engaging them as an individual — they are NOT an agent of the El Dorado Beekeepers.

2021 Swarm Hotline

Below are beekeepers available for swarm removal. If you don’t get a response, move on to another.
Sandy HonigsbergWestern Slope El Dorado County530-263-2029sandy.honigsberg@gmail.com
Sean HooblerGeorgetown Divide916-531-9445seahoob@gmail.com
Roger BareAll of El Dorado County307-690-0519rogerbareman@yahoo.com
Steven BakerAll of El Dorado County530-391-3110stevebaker2700@gmail.com
Monika BakerAll of El Dorado County530-644-5154monikabaker04@gmail.com
Bernard RuzickaFolsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park916-719-6708ruzi@directcon.net
Julia McIverEl Dorado County916-616-6507mciverandcompany@gmail.com
Justin MartinPlacerville707-249-5310jwm755@sbcglobal.net
Sara CollinsPlacerville8312342429Kalisara21@yahoo.com
Kris SyversenGeorgetown divide5306139413kristjan5340@gmail.com
Gary MartinFair Play/Somerset530-306-6436garymartin12@att.net
Sivia Van GundyPlacerville4089218590sivialeevg@gmail.com
IS THE SWARM INSIDE? Swarms located inside a wall, chimney, or any place not outside is a lot more involved and requires special equipment. These removals are referred to as cutouts. For cutouts please contact Daniel Schoenthal at bees@bluegreenhorizons.net.
Sandy Honigsberg
Western Slope El Dorado County
Sean Hoobler
Georgetown Divide
Roger Bare
All of El Dorado County
Steven Baker
All of El Dorado County
Monika Baker
All of El Dorado County
Bernard Ruzicka
Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park
Julia McIver
El Dorado County
Justin Martin
Sara Collins
Kris Syversen
Georgetown divide
Gary Martin
Fair Play/Somerset
Sivia Van Gundy
Bee swarm
Have a swarm? Relax!
While bees are swarming they are generally very docile. They are merely looking for a temporary spot to gather while scout bees fly out to find a permanent home.
Bee swarm
They’re often not very picky about this temporary location. It could be in a tree or bush, on a car or park bench, anywhere they can land to form a protective cluster around their queen.
Bee swarm
Swarms usually stay at their temporary location anywhere from a couple of hours to a few of days.
El Dorado Beekeepers
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