Volunteers Needed

Many hands make light work!

Want to get involved? Consider volunteering on a committee or as a committee chair. This is a great way to meet and get to know other club members. Active club members also ensures our club's active presence here in El Dorado County.

Bee Sales
Responsible for coordinating the club’s annual bee sale. Responsible for arranging and coordinating with bee vendors, communication with customers and planning bee pickup day.

Club Beekeeper
Responsible for maintaining the club’s three bee hives. Reports updates to the board.

Club Store
Responsible for ordering, setting up and selling club shirts, hats, bags and pollen patties at meetings. Also responsible for keeping inventory of merchandise.

Community Outreach
Responsible for coordinating the club’s participation in community events (i.e. Farm Day, County Fair) and responding to requests from the community. Responsible for coordinating with the volunteer committee to staff events, arrange displays, observation hives or other items needed.

Responsible for coordinating the club’s beekeeping classes. Develops class format, arranges instructors, reviews curriculum, coordinates with volunteer committee, arranges for venue and meals.

Responsible for coordinating the club’s social events. Arranging for venue, caterer, volunteers, music and raffle.

Monthly Meetings
Responsible for unlocking/locking meeting space, setting-out/picking-up signs, making arrangements for any needed audio/visual equipment, coordinating for snacks and raffle items, and clean up.

Responsible for monitoring, maintaining, updating and responding to inquiries from the club’s Facebook page and group. Responsible for posting monthly meeting announcements, events and bee sales.

Responsible for communicating with club members to arrange volunteers for various club needs and activities. Would use club’s Sign Up Genius account for contacting club members.
El Dorado Beekeepers
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